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Title:Avcodec.library: Update and improvements

Project members:
Bounty:624.8399999999999 EUR   Out of 666 EUR originally submitted.
Description:* Goals

This bounty is simply to make an up to date Amiga ported version of the
avcodec.library for the Amiga computer, based on avcodec last sourcecode
from FFMpeg. Some others improvements could be planned if the bounty
receives the necessary interest by all the different Amiga platforms users.

* Main Planned improvements for the first release:

- Update OS4's avcodec.library to the latest ffmpeg core.

- Replace clib2 in benefit of the latest newlib.library and OS4's SDK,
including a major cleanup of the current code, and certain amiga only

- Add all the supported codecs the actual avcodec sourcecode own on the
amiga library version (Old avcodec.library does not support that many codecs).

- Fix the issues in the current avcodec.library

* Additionnal Improvements:

If the bounty shows some interests and donations from users, additional
improvements will be made. The least, optimized versions of the lib for
each os4-capable hardware.

* Initial Release

Some work must be done before the release on AOS4depot but we hope that
without too much delay, a first version could be available and you will
receive information about the development's ongoing status.
Created by:Troels
Created at:20110915 12:51
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20121206 22:10
Assigned to:diegocr
Suggested by:Mrodfr

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65  avcodec.library 53.611 available to download.  0  20121002 19:52  diegocr
61  avcodec.library 53.1 available to download.  0  20120416 20:41  diegocr
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