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Title:Qt from Trolltech(/Qt-software/Nokia)
- - Qt bounty has been completed, download the package at OS4depot.net - -

Qt is a set of cross platform development libraries designed
to be easy and intuitive in use, yet still opening for complex
and large application tasks. It has a broad appeal with many
supported platforms and many attractive open source
applications currently using it as primary interface.

Project members:
Bounty:803.6600000000001 EUR   Out of 845 EUR originally submitted.
Description:This bounty is for a complete native AmigaOS4.1 port of libQtGui.so from the Qt 4.7 codebase.
Compared with the current version (on sourceforge.net) we need to have the following:

- Correct handling of popups
- Correct handling of drag'n'drop
- Correct handling of truetype fonts
- Correct handling of nested GLWidgets
- Correct handling of brush gradients
- Correct handling of 8-bit indexed images
- Correct handling of mouse and keyboard input for all widgets (including GraphicsView)
- Text cursor visible
- Mouse cursor settings
- Dock widgets for MainWindows
- Fixing of graphics errors where possible
- Fixing of crashes
(- Implementation of QProcess if possible)

Next steps (which will most likely be separate bounties) is to port phonon, GStreamer
and libQtWebKit.so

Qt would open the possibility for giving AmigaOS4 users
such applications as:
- Avidemux (video editing)
- Freemat (computation)
- MuseScore (graphical music notation editing)
- ImageVis3D (raytracing)
- (etc.)
... and of course we can always dream :-) of support from:
- Google Earth
- Skype

See http://qt.nokia.com for a detailed description of Qt.
Created by:Troels
Created at:20091017 14:00
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20110801 11:23
Assigned to:alfkil

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47  Empty  0  20110117 19:35  Troels
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