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Title:JIT enabled E-UAE for AmigaOS4.1
This is a bounty for a JIT enabled version of E-UAE for AmigaOS4.1.

E-UAE on AmigaOS4.1 (and MorphOS) supports only interpretive emulation and is quite slow compared to f.ex. winUAE.
What we really need is JIT 68K code emulation to speed things up. Especially AmigaOS4.1 users with slower machines would gain a lot from a JIT version of E-UAE.

The JIT will automatically become open source and other PPC OS, be able to benefit from it.

For UPDATES please visit The Big E-UAE JIT blog
Bounty:3065.3499999999995 EUR   Out of 3215.46 EUR originally submitted.
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Dirk-BRe: JIT enabled E-UAE for AmigaOS4.120120502 11:43
Just donated 100 euro's to give you a warm feeling this winter. ;-)
Dirk-BRe: JIT enabled E-UAE for AmigaOS4.120111205 21:02
Aha, that deadline is on my son his birthday. You better make it happen because he is an Amigafan and his main hobby is bodybuilding. ;-)
328gtsRe: JIT enabled E-UAE for AmigaOS4.120110303 03:49
a BIG TIME thanks Rachy !!! You The Man :-)
AminicleRe: JIT enabled E-UAE for AmigaOS4.120101025 13:11
I mainly support this because I want to see this on MorphOS also. I hope that for once differences could be put aside and that this much needed piece of software becomes reality.
JoeledRe: JIT enabled E-UAE for AmigaOS4.120091118 17:03
Any chance to make this bounty more interesting so that smby would grab it? Is it only abt money? How much money are we talking abt? Maybe its easier for ppl to donate if they knew that smby would take the bounty for 500-1000 euro?

This bounty is really important for alot of ppl.
MichaelMerkelRe: JIT enabled E-UAE for AmigaOS4.120090614 18:29
maybe contacting bernd would be an idea!
see here: http://amigaworld.net/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?mode=viewtopic&topic_id=24264&forum=8&start=20#411841

"Both Umilator and the 68k-to-PPC JIT are somewhere on some hard disk, and it probably wouldn't take me more than a couple of hours to find them. And if anybody is interested in the PPC JIT, give me a yell sometime next week, when I am back in Oz, and I'll go looking (note: it will require additional work which is of a highly mind-bending nature. If you don't understand how the UAE x86 JIT works, the current PPC code will be useless to you!). Something might come of it, and there is no risk for me."

so there exists a "68k-to-PPC JIT" from the winuea/amithlon/umilator "father" which could be used or serve as a basis.

ElwoodRe: JIT enabled E-UAE for AmigaOS4.120090523 19:29
Hi all,

Here is my suggestion for a description text for this bounty.


E-UAE is the Amiga emulator originally enhanced by Richard Drummond (site http://www.rcdrummond.net/uae/). It runs incredibly slow on AmigaOS because it supports only an interpretive emulation. It needs JIT.

Bounty Requirements

- bring JIT 68k code emulation to E-UAE, using Petunia or another solution.
- use newlib
- use shared objects (especially for SDL)
- support sharing the clipboard between the emulation and the host


July 23rd, 2010
easypocketmoneyRe: JIT enabled E-UAE for AmigaOS4.120090509 00:30
Source Code, should be able to fit into existing UAE/WinUAE/E-UAE project folder structure.
Source Code, should be able to be compiled in the same way UAE/WinUAE/E-UAE projects are currently compiled.
Source Code, compiled output / objects should be executable on the PPC Platform; including but not limited to:
* AMCC - Power Processor
* Freescale - Power Processor
* IBM - Power Processor
* Motorola - Power Processor
JIT should improve the performance of E-UAE run-time / emulation of the following processors
* 680x00 - Priority 1
* 680x10 - Priority 6
* 680x20 - Priority 2
* 680x30 - Priority 3
* 680x40 - Priority 4
* 680x60 - Priority 5

Compiled code should comply with / existing .uaerc config file flags / options.
easypocketmoneyRe: JIT enabled E-UAE for AmigaOS4.120090508 23:41
REF: http://www.amigaforever.com/sourcecode/

---Source Code Review 1.0---


The following files in the source code contain references to the word "JIT"


The following files in the source code contain references to the word "JIT"

easypocketmoneyRe: JIT enabled E-UAE for AmigaOS4.120090508 23:18
---Wiki {UAE}---

---E-UAE Project---

---WinUAE Site---

---Other Related JIT Projects---

---UAE Source Code---

---E-UAE for Mac---

---Other Uses of E-UAE---

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