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Change of bounty requirements for Project: TimberwolfPosted by Cyborg at 20110430 08:13
The Mozilla foundation has plans to release a new 4.x version every two months. With the old requirement description of Project: Timberwolf this would mean a "moving target", which would make it extremely hard if not even impossible for the Frieden brothers to fulfill the requirements. The needed work would just be too much considering their various other duties regarding AmigaOS development.

Also we think that getting one full, clean and stable port of Firefox 4.0, where future work can be based on, is much more important than some quick and dirty port of the latest 4.x version just for the sake of getting the latest 4.x version.

For those reasons we decided to change the version requirements accordingly. Please see the Project: Timberwolf page, section "Version" for the details.
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