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Title:Easy-to-use GUI for E-UAE
On AmigaOS4 and the new hardware many old games and applications can only be ran
via E-UAE.
Unfortunately the file based configuration of E-UAE is in no way userfriendly nor
easy, which prevents a lot users from using it. Thus this bounty shall result in
an easy-to-use GUI for E-UAE on AmigaOS4. Very much like the well known GUI of

The project has been finished! The latest version of E-UAE with EasyUAE GUI can be found on os4depot.net. Thank you all for your support!

Project members:
Bounty:333.97 EUR   Out of 353 EUR originally submitted.
Description:The goal of this bounty is an easy-to-use GUI integrated in the AmigaOS4 build
of E-UAE. It should basically mimic the pretty good WinUAE GUI in look and
functionality to provide something familar to those who already know WinUAE.

Keyfeatures shall include but not be limited to:

- Integrated ReAction GUI
Directly integrated GUI into AmigaOS4 build of E-UAE.

- 'Quickstart' mode
The user shall be able to use E-UAE with only a few clicks (e.g. select some
standard configuration, select an ADF, hit 'start')

- 'Expert' mode
The expert user shall be able to tweak all possible settings to fit his own
needs, create and manage hardfiles, etc.

- Configurations
Saving and loading of different configurations shall be possible. So the user
can for example configure a gaming A1200 with basic expansion and a full blown
demo A1200 with 'harddisk' and complete OS3 installed, etc.

- Configuration import
There are many WinUAE configurations out there for almost any game to get it
working as good as possible. Also some may have already WinUAE running and want
the very same configuration. Thus the GUI should allow to import WinUAE
configurations as far as possible.

- Deadline

Project has been delayed.
I have asked Costel (Cyborg) about when a release could be expexted, will update with more information soon.

(old deadline)2 months starting by the assignment of the bounty.
Created by:Cyborg
Created at:20090811 12:08
Deadline:Not set
Finished at:Not finished
Last update:20100202 08:52
Assigned to:Cyborg

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37  Final bounty release 1.3 uploaded to os4depot!  0  20100128 11:29  Cyborg
36  First release candidate available!  0  20100101 21:22  Cyborg
33  Public beta version available  5  20091126 17:42  Cyborg
27  Interim status report  3  20090830 16:05  Cyborg
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