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Bounty rules onlinePosted by Cyborg at 20090416 14:07
The standard rules for bounties hosted and maintained by amigabounty.net are now online and reachhable via the top menu. Please make sure you read and understood them before suggesting a new bounty, accepting an open bounty or donating to an open bounty.

Thank you!

Bounty rules
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Sputnik bounty money.Posted by Troels at 20090330 00:39
The remaining bounty money has been forwarded to the NetSurf and OWB developers. More details of the money refund/forwarding can be seen here.
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Allegro v1.0 released.Posted by Troels at 20081229 17:27
As absolute proof that miracles do happen over Christmas, Hitman/Code HQ does what even he thought was impossible and actually releases Allegro for OS4!

I thought it would be a relatively small project but it turned out to be a terribly complex game library and not small at all. Add to that periods of laziness, busyness, drunkeness, being on holiday, an unhealthy Guitar Hero addiction and the fact that my boss actually makes me work 8 hours a day on non Amiga things, and we have a port that takes 18 months instead of 18 weeks.
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Return of Sputnik bounty donations.Posted by Troels at 20081227 12:13
How to get your money back.
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Support active webbrowser development.Posted by Troels at 20081227 00:45
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Sputnik bounty canceled.Posted by Troels at 20081227 00:04
Due to lack of communication, slow development and broken deadlines I am sorry to inform you that the Sputnik bounty has been canceled.
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Bounty committeePosted by Troels at 20081208 12:25
Amigabounty.net needs your help to choose which bounties to open.
We can't open each and every bounty that is suggested to amigabounty.net and still have a realistic chance to see them all completed. Instead we have to be a bit selective and choose the bounties that is of most interest to the developers and of most benefit to OS4.
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We're back!Posted by Cyborg at 20081129 19:25
After a long phase of downtime, we're finally back again!
As the bounty engine this site uses is still in early state, please report any bugs or feature requests in the AmigaBounty.net support forum which can be found here:Amigabounty @ amigans.net. Any comment is highly appreciated!

Thank you for your patience, we know it was taken a hard test.

The AmigaBounty.net team
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