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EasyUAE 1.2 as release candidate available!Posted by Cyborg at 20100101 21:25

The first release candidate of EasyUAE - the E-UAE GUI - is now available in the projects files section.

Read more about this release in the Update
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wxWidgets bounty: wxBase delayed until end of JanuaryPosted by Troels at 20091203 22:11
Because of lack of time Alexandre has asked to have the deadline for wxBase pushed until end of January.
Alexandre still encounters some problems with the wxBase port and probably won't have time to fix the remaining errors during December.

I hope everyone is ok with the delay, if you have any concerns please send me an email. Thanks for your support!
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E-UAE GUI: Public beta version availablePosted by Cyborg at 20091126 17:47

A status update of E-UAE GUI was posted on the project page and a public beta version is now available in the projects files section.

Read more about it in the Status Update
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New Project Timberwolf WIP screenshots.Posted by Troels at 20091123 21:04
Timberwolf is the project name of the AmigaOS port of the Firefox web browser.
The Frieden brothers are working hard on the port of one of the most anticipated applications for AmigaOS.

Please pay a visit to the THE PROJECT PAGE to make a donation or go straight to the FILES DIRECTORY to see new work in progress screenshots.
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Project: TIMBERWOLFPosted by Cyborg at 20090929 17:47
Finally the port of one of the most wanted software for AmigaOS 4.1 has been tackled! The well known AmigaOS developers Hans-Joerg Frieden and Thomas Frieden work already since quite some time on a fully AmigaOS native port of Mozillas' Firefox webbrowser!

Because of the unrealistic terms and conditions of the AmiZilla bounty, it was decided to start a new bounty only for AmigaOS 4.1 and beyond. Thus this bounty is in no way related to AmiZilla.

Read more on the bounty pages for Project: Timberwolf
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E-UAE GUI: Interim status updatePosted by Cyborg at 20090830 16:07

A small interim status update with screenshot was posted to show work is going on: E-UAE GUI Update
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Bounty for E-UAE GUI opened!Posted by Cyborg at 20090811 13:09

On AmigaOS4 and the new hardware many old games and applications can only be ran via E-UAE.

Unfortunately the file based configuration of E-UAE is in no way userfriendly nor easy, which prevents a lot users from using it.
Thus this bounty shall result in an easy-to-use GUI for E-UAE on AmigaOS4. Very much like the well known GUI of WinUAE.

So anyone who likes playing classic games even on AmigaOS4+ in an easy way please support this bounty with a small donation!

Visit the bounty project page
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JIT enabled E-UAE for AmigaOS4.1Posted by Troels at 20090609 11:47
E-UAE on AmigaOS4.1 (and MorphOS) supports only interpretive emulation and is quite slow compared to f.ex. winUAE.
What we really need is JIT 68K code emulation to speed things up. Especially AmigaOS4.1 users with slower machines would gain a lot from a JIT version of E-UAE.
The JIT will automatically become open source and other PPC OS, be able to benefit from it.

Visit the project page
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WxWidgets bounty opened.Posted by Troels at 20090525 19:35
Bounty to get WxWidgets ported to AmigaOS4.1 for easier access to cross-platform applications.
Examples of applications using WxWidgets is KiCAD, Audacity and (originally from the Amiga) Audio Evolution 5.

Having WxWidgets available on AmigaOS4.1 will give us easier access to a huge number of applications and it will allow Amiga developers to reach a wider audience if they develop using WxWidgets.

UPDATE: 17.09.2009 - Deadline for wxBase has been pushed to 20.11.2009 as Alexandre updates the port of wxBase 2.8.1 to 2.9.0.

UPDATE: 27.05.2009 - Bounty has been assigned to Alexandre Balaban.

Please visit the project page!
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Bounty to port Gnash to AmigaOS4.1Posted by Troels at 20090416 22:31
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