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Title:Project: Timberwolf
[EDIT] With Release candidate 1 available for download we feel that the requirements of the bounty has been met. As of yesterday (23.07.12) money has been transferred to the Friedens for their great work on this project. We hope to see many more improvements and updates over time[/EDIT]

Donations can still be made directly to the Frieden brothers: http://www.friedenhq.org/ Click the Paypal Donate button. :-)

Timberwolf is the project name of the AmigaOS port of the Firefox web browser (for legal reasons it cannot be called Firefox). Firefox is an award-winning open source web browser and is the de-facto-standard browser across a wide variety of operating system, taking second place in popularity after Microsoft' s Internet Explorer. Its features include tabbed browsing, support for HTML 5, ECMAScript 3.1, and CSS 3, extensibility through addons, and a lot more. In short, Firefox is the most complete open source browser to date.
Bounty:6732.720000000002 EUR   Out of 7063.69 EUR originally submitted.
Filename  Size  By  Date  Description  
xulrunner_linux.png  138826  Cyborg  20090929 17:35  Simple test app for XULRunner on Linux  
xulrunner_amigaos.png  28605  Cyborg  20090929 17:36  The same XULRunner test app on AmigaOS  
timberwolf1.jpg  62886  Cyborg  20090929 17:40  First FF GUI signs native on AmigaOS  
about_mozilla.png  625568  tfrieden  20091019 17:58  First half-way working build of widgets  
tw1.png  369966  tfrieden  20091107 18:24  FriedenHQ.org  
tw2.png  375811  tfrieden  20091107 18:24  FriedenHQ.org  
t3.png  687232  tfrieden  20091123 16:18  www.mozilla.org  
t4.png  686214  tfrieden  20091123 16:35  CSS Zen Garden  
t5.png  1119825  tfrieden  20091123 16:35  CSS Zen Garden  
t6.png  678224  tfrieden  20091123 16:36  CSS Zen Garden  
t7.png  1203552  tfrieden  20091123 16:36  CSS Zen Garden  
tw7.png  273059  tfrieden  20091231 15:39  Popups  
tw8.png  287607  tfrieden  20091231 15:40  Popups (Menu in this case)  
timber01.jpg  229226  Troels  20100131 11:36    
timber02.jpg  238243  Troels  20100131 11:38    
tw4.0.png  241365  tfrieden  20110905 15:14  First shot of Timberwolf 4.0  
youtube.png  747508  tfrieden  20111018 15:07  Playing WebM  
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