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Title:Japanese Keymap
a Devs:Keymaps/jp106 keymap for Japanese PC-98 Keyboards.
Bounty:0 EUR   Out of 0 EUR originally submitted.
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BelxjanderRe: Japanese Keymap20120625 12:32
This project is almost complete and has its material folded into the Perception-IME project already started and being undertaken by myself,

currently only 1 typing and 3 functional keys remain unmapped
TuxedoRe: Japanese Keymap20120205 19:07
I like VERY much that bounty!
Hope that will be approved ASAP!
BelxjanderRe: Japanese Keymap20110319 14:08
I've gotten a first rough draft of this keymap written up,

I'm only delayed from generally release due to lack of testing with a real
Japanese keyboard on an Amiga OS 4.x machine.

I've already purchased a Japanese keyboard of my own and have access to others as well.

The rough draft has been pushed into the "Language Drivers" project repository on
openamiga.org ... and will be integrated into the "Perception IME" project
that I am also working on.
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