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Title:updating the ports of AMINES and WARPSNES
Moved to closed category, I know at least WARPSNES is being looked into by the developer (Troels).
AMINES and WARPSNES dont work well anymore on OS4.X
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MagicSNRe: updating the ports of AMINES and WARPSNES20090609 13:53

WarpSNES: Try deleting the settings file. It should work again then (issue with the screenmode). I am updating WarpSNES to the latest SNES9x source code soon though (Mame comes first, though). Reason for different name: At the time I wrote it there were 3 SNES9x ports. Naming all of them the same would have been confusing.

AmiNES: Source-code is available on the net (not a port, native Amiga program), but it is 100% 68k ASM... AFAIK author discontinued work on this emulator.

GenesisPlus: What happens if you try to start it?
SimplePPCRe: updating the ports of AMINES and WARPSNES20090108 07:00
I just tried GenesisPlus, also fails

Make that 3 emulators :)
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