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Title:Java JVM
Java Virtual Machine for AmigaOS.
Bounty:0 EUR   Out of 0 EUR originally submitted.
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BelxjanderRe: Java JVM20120418 12:57
First target is class loading,
Second target is ByteCode processing (Interpretation or Native Conversion)
Third target is external expansion of the first(additional classes by reference)
Fourth target is JavaNativeInterfaces binding Java Bytecode sequences to calling Host Native system calls...

Would this be a valid breakdown of the project into acheivable goals?

The main issue will be recognition of a valid "Java Application" and the means of handling the runtime issues.

building towards Eclipse, OpenOffice.org and other Java based applications becoming available is definitely a worthy target.

I've also got a description of the Java Bytecodes as used by the Google Dalvik VM
and have already scheduled in for processing them as one of the target examples if this is any help for this bounty as well?
markoRe: Java JVM20090421 17:39
Is this bounty for the Classic AmigaOS 3.x or AmigaOS 4 (PPC)?

PS: I suggest OS4...
billtRe: Java JVM20090113 15:56

I wasn't aware of Cacao project. Interesting!
samo79Re: Java JVM20081222 13:16
There is also a Cacao's JVM project in progress but we haven't got any news about that since 2006 :-/


TroelsRe: Java JVM20081212 22:17

That is certainly a good and relevant question, because I'm sure subsections is the way to go with projects this large.

I would suggest that after choosing whether JAVA JVM should actually be a bounty we open a forum on Amigans.net to discuss this, hopefully there is some Amigan users with good JAVA knowledge around.
billtRe: Java JVM20081210 21:41
How do we go about defining subsections as milestones? I want Eclipse and OpenOffice (I understand OO3 uses Java for something) I think the Swing classes could go in a secondary set of things, perhaps even breaking that up into smaller bits. Who can offer suggestions on how to split things like this?
TroelsRe: Java JVM20081209 20:22
I think having a JVM is very important but perhaps the project could be divided into smaller milestones each having a bounty?

We have seen how the Amizilla bounty have led to nothing and I would guess this is a project in the same league.

To be honest I don't know much about JAVA and what is required, all I know is this is a huge project.
markoRe: Java JVM20081208 22:33
This should be one of the most important projects.
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