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Title:Multi-touch Screen
Project closed. Without OS support for more than one pointerposition and action it is hard to see this being really usable. (Troels)

Multi-touch (or multitouch) denotes a set of interaction techniques which allow computer users to control graphical applications with several fingers.

Multi-touch consists of a touch screen (screen, table, wall, etc.) or touchpad, as well as software that recognizes multiple simultaneous touch points, as opposed to the standard touchscreen (e.g. computer touchpad, ATM), which recognizes only one touch point. This effect is achieved through a variety of means, including but not limited to: heat, finger pressure, high capture rate cameras, infrared light, optic capture, tuned electromagnetic induction, ultrasonic receivers, transducer microphones, laser rangefinders, and shadow capture.

Many applications for multi-touch interfaces exist and are being proposed. Some uses are individualistic (e.g., Microsoft Surface, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, Asus EEE PC, Apple MacBook Pro, Apple MacBook Air, HTC Diamond, Meizu M8 ) . However, multi-touch technology is mainly used to incorporate collaboration into the computing experience.
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Troels_2Re: Multi-touch Screen20081203 15:42

Support for more than one pointer position is IMHO not a driver matter but something in the OS that needs to be changed.

Perhaps a project for Open Amiga to add to the OS, I have no idea how big changes is needed?

I really liked this bounty suggestion but for the time being it doesn't seem very realistic.
CyborgRe: Multi-touch Screen20081203 08:34

I had a look at the provided link. And again: Without OS support for more than 1 pointerpositions and pointeractions this is nothing more than a toy .. a very cool toy, granted, but still only a toy.

As long as the OS doesn't support multi-pointeractions, the use of multi-touch would be very limited especially to applications specifically written to support that protocol.

Sorry, at the moment i don't see this as a bounty. Just my 2 cents and not my decision..
fatman2021Re: Multi-touch Screen20081201 23:50

Support for more then one pointerposition could be built into the driver...
CyborgRe: Multi-touch Screen20081201 15:33
While this is a great idea basically, it would be impossible to realize as long as the OS doesn't support more than 1 pointerposition (nothing else would each "touch" be) at once.. doing a proper driver which supports multi-touch would only be one side .. the other side would be an OS which can handle these multi-touch events .. at least thats how i see the thing.. feel free to correct me if i'm wrong ;)
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